Hacked ?

This is my send post using English

Hey what’s wrong with koronx.com is it hacked ?



Nope lucky me the site is not hacked… is the author of koronx.com is changed?



Not again, sorry… I’m still the old koronx hehehe… just practicing blog using English


Ok folks, its been a while since my last post, well my statement always like this cause I rarely write in this media (my own blog) to express my self, nowadays me and many people write on their wall (facebook) or on timeline (twitter and plurk) to express themselves and leave their blog behind

You know what?it took 10 minutes to write those statement…

Well I’ve done several transformation or changes here and there

  • the themes
  • the web performance
  • my self
  • and the language

from now on, my blog would be written in English instead in Bahasa, the reason I write this blog in English is to show the world that Indonesian is good in English too, but how about you guys… are you good in Bahasa 😀 ?

the second is themes changing into dark and monochromic scheme, to present maturity of me (a.k.a old)

the third is, I’ve fixed the web performance so the site load blazingly fast just like thunderstorm (I hope)

and the last but not least is my self, moslems in the world is have their fasting (shaum a.k.a puasa) now so when the fasting days is over then come the Eid Fitri (a.k.a Eid Mubarak or Idul Fitri) which means is back to 0 (zero / pure), we believe that our sin is wiped out or maybe decreased or counterbalanced with our good D in the fasting season, so now I’ve become a new man, my old past mistake has to be forgotten and never done again

I hope you enjoy my new site, happy Eid Mubarak, Selamat Idul Fitri.