it almost done

what is it?

I wont tell anything ’till its done

One thing that I’m so sure

If you can’t take a thousand steps, why don’t you just take one step

So please GOD give me a strength to make it through…

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  1. ma34zda Says:


  2. andi bagus Says:

    Wish your hope come true..;)

  3. astaufik Says:

    Yeah…God Please Help Koronx…and give him strengt…

    BTW…strength tul apaan nih ? heuheuheu :)>-

  4. oeoe Says:

    gak akan,gak pernah,gak mungkin salah..

  5. putradi Says:

    eleuh .. rahasia-rahasiaan .. hehe !

  6. c4nx3 Says:

    because when you’ve done with this step, you can’t go back or stay,,,,,, :d so enjoyed the next step until you “step” (dibaca setep alias kejang2, meriang, dan meninggalkan dunia fana)

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