I still got it

remember my early post about reaching 10 thousand unique visitor to this site?




today @ 24 October 2008 22:30 WIB (GMT +7) this site reached 10 thousand unique visitor according to my  CyStats (statistic plugin for wordpress) this site has 10 thousand unique visitor in this month, starting from I install the CyStats plugin (this early october)

well… I still got it, maybe someday I’ll wrote about SEO (Search Engine Optimization), but there is a tiny tips for you guys who want to make your site generate more visitor, just write everything you want to write on your media (e.g. blog) and let the search engine to the job 😀

ps :

*but the side effect is my koronx.com has pagerank 0/10 ? that strange, because before this campaign is 3/10 well I have to “genjot” the pagerank on another project :D, see ya on my next project

*do you still got it?spank! and “yee haa…”

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  1. putradi Says:

    whew .. 10k .. that’s huge! Yea, google is being naughty in giving page rank to a web pages. I got slammed just earlier, dunno why. Thought that google just hated me or something 😀 Screw him !

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